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An internationally exclusive bonding technology

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 Aderis has developed a new generation of structural methacrylate adhesives dedicated to crash-resistant and high-stress bonding applications, and holds more than 60 patents worldwide (including China, South Korea, Europe, India, USA, and Japan)

A high performance two-part bonding process

Aderis methacrylate adhesives are two-part products, with a 10:1 mixing ratio (resin:hardener), packaged in cartridges or drums.

The adhesives are blended and applied to the bonding surfaces through a static mixer. The assemblies can be handled very quickly after the open time has expired.  

Technologically advenced polylmers

Aderis' exclusive technology consists of a nanostructured assembly of a range of polymers.

More precisely, the core matrix of Aderis adhesives consists of various families of polymers grafted by silane coupling agents that confer excellent adhesion to numerous materials with continuous mechanical strength over a broad temperature range from -55 °C to 120 °C

Adhesives formulations guaranteed to be free of carcinogenic components

Aderis adhesives are compliant with European REACH legislation and do not contain CMR products

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Methacrylate adhesives with unique performances characteristics

Aderis develop an exceptional combination of performance capabilities revolutionising room-temperature bonding technology:Structural bonding combining very low shrinkage, low modulus and high mechanical performance.


This technology can be used to bond substrates of different types that are subject to differential expansion and dynamic stress.


High damping effect ensuring excellent crash resistance. Impact resistance is 3 times higher on average than the static strength depending on the materials used.


Bonding with minimum thicknesses from 40 microns to several tens of millimeters allows the assembly of very small surfaces with large surfaces.

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Stable viscosity during the open time ensuring a high level of process reliability.


High-performance isotropic structural bonding (twist, peel, cleavage, shear, traction, compression).


Resistant to powder paint baking temperatures up to 204 °C for 40 minutes.

A two-part adhesive technology able to take on new challenges in numerous industrial sector:

Aderis structural adhesives are strong and flexible with exceptional crash resistance equivalent to the new generation of

one-component heat-curing epoxy polymer adhesives.


Aderis structural adhesives are more versatile in terms of processes and particularly suited to multi-material bonding, including stainless steel, titanium, anodised aluminium, alloys, cataphoresis, polyamides and technical composites.


Owing to these multiple benefits, Aderis adhesives are frequently used in many demanding industrial sectors and are recognised worldwide as technologically advanced and reliable adhesives

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